Consultancy of our company

Consultancy of our company is designed to help the entities trading with the third countries outside the European Union (EXTRASTAT) applying customs legislation within the European Union (INTRASTAT) and have obligations as reporting units. We also provide consultancy to the processor of the excise and traders who trade with the third countries within the European Union and also in the Slovak Republic who apply customs and tax laws. We provide consultancy, by means  of training activities, for production workers, freight forwarding, customs agents, logistics, transport and other companies.


  • professional consultation at the beginning and during your business on excise taxes and customs will save you time and money,
  • provide our perspective on the problems in those areas which may be for you a valuable piece of advice or a useful alternative,
  • know how to get through the maze of regulations of European and Slovak as well, we were in their development, so we know their background and meaning,
  • represent you in administrative and tax proceedings conducted by the customs authorities,
  • provide specialized education and training within the scope of professional adult education,
  • provide courses, training, seminars on "customs, logistics, excise taxes",
  • we have experts in the field of customs issues, trading with the third countries (non EU), intra-community trading (the EU) and the excise taxes.