Consultancy for Customs issues and Excise taxes 

Our main domain is to offer consultancy service which, of course, covers the space that arises between the application and perceptions of extremely complex and dynamically developnig customs and tax legislation, next it concerns the individual subjects and the legal and tax advisory services that are performed by lawyers or company lawyers or tax advisers with the fact that our consultancy is based on law of narrow specialization in these areas.

The aim of our consultancy is to provide comprehensive advisory services (not freight forwarding services), which is the field of customs issue, tariff issue and excise duties. The purposes of this service is to fill up some space that is in the field of consultancy of customs issue and excise tax issues.

Our services are designed for subjects that
when conducting their own business apply the tariff law and legislation applicable to excise taxes, no matter it is during the real performance of their business or during  developing their business or at the settings or changes leading to the achievement of greater efficiency in order to adjust correctly the business plan and alignment of the subject´s business with demanding and dynamically developing legislation. Preventive precautions abnd responsibile preparation in the pre-stage of any project go hand in hand together. All of these is exclusively realized for our clients. Results speak for us. 



Our company provides and organizes training for adults in the field of professional education through specialized courses, seminars and trainings. Our educational activities are intended for the general business and trade public, whether it conducts own business or does market in the Community territory in relation to other Member States or in relation to the third countries (outside the European Union).

We are specialists in customs and excise tax issues. Our educational activities are organized as general ones - open to public (OUTDOOR form) or internal organized for a particular client (INDOOR form), either as a single or as a long-term course depending on the agreed contract. Our experts and specialists pass their knowledge and experience to our clients. Choose from our range of courses, trainings and seminars and we are happy to welcome you among us.
We bet on expertise, flexibility, specialization and availability of consultancy for your business.

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Protecting clients' rights 

We are aware that foreign trade (with the third countries or the EU) requires the implementation of various claims resulting from customs and tax legislation. It is often very difficult for subjects and they are prone to unintended errors, which is the following: each error means at least two actions. Consequently the customs authority (customs office) begins these actions against the subjects. In practice, these costs are significant, sometimes they are liquidating with the financial impacts.

Demonstrating involuntary proceedings in the case of legal persons, and in some cases of individuals it does not mean in proceedings against customs exemption from liability for unlawful conduct, while a system of taxes and customs administration is based on the so-called strict liability of operators of an offense, where the customs authorities are sufficient to implicate the mere fact that a subject acted illegally and they do not examine whether the action was intentional or unintentional and who actually caused the illegal state.

In many cases, there is an apparent injustice of the Act, which can be justified by strong interest of society by the means proper collection of duties and taxes, and mainly it can be avoided by early and professional advice. Decision process is usually long, there are procedural errors and there also occurs reluctance and unfortunately unreasonable requirements of a legislative framework. Protecting clients' rights is based on the knowledge of procedural acts, laws and internal customs area.


We see our perspective on giving solutions the problems in those areas, which may be either valuable for your or a useful alternative. We also provide professional advice or representation in cases anticipated or already existing actions against the customs administrations. It is definitely much more effective to prevent problems, but in applying practice it is important to argue clearly, factually and accurately, next you have to appropriate communicate, and finally in processes solve them properly in relation to the customs authority.

Professional requirements

The quality of this service is guaranteed by the experts who worked in customs administration in such positions where they provided methodological assistance for all customs offices in the area of customs and excise duty administration ,which the development concerning  the Slovak Republic's accession to the European Union with all its impacts on the issue .

They participated in the European Commission Committee of the Customs and Excise issues as representatives of the Slovak Republic, they took part in study stays and scholarships in EU countries and practically solved the  most complex problems in customs and excise duty administration. Practical experience and knowledge, taking  advantage of our perfect knowledge of the customs administration area, its functioning and knowing the mechanisms gives us the best opportunities for successful solutions that can be provide for our clients with lower costs, eliminated potential risks, remedy od wrong decisions and finally saving of financial resources (expenses  on ineffective solutions such as fines and penalties, surcharging of contracts and others.).

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