Consultancy of our company is designed to assist entities that operate within the logistics chain as producers, processors, importers, exporters, shippers, freight forwarders, carriers in all modes (even combined), terminal operators and terminals, and other economic operators on market.


We provide our services in particular entities:

  • trade or carry out their activities against third countries (outside the European Union) and in practice the tariff regulations,
  • deal or they work against other EU member states in the implementation of intra Community trade, 
  • trade or carry out their activities in the Slovak republic and are actic´ve in the commodities subject to excise duty (alcohol, tobacco, beer, winw, electricity and others).


We provide our clients:  

  • expertise at the beginning and throughout their business in the area of ​​customs and excise issues, thereby saving time, effort and money,
  • look for problems in these areas, which is valuable for them by the Council or a useful alternative,
  • orientation in the maze of regulations in Europe and the Slovak Republic, where we were making, so we know their background and meaning,
  • orientation in the procedural formalities and procedural acts with knowledge of customs and environmental functioning of its mechanisms,
  • representation in administrative and tax proceedings conducted by the customs authorities,
  • specialized training activities in the professional education of adults,
  • courses, training, seminars and trainings in the "customs, logistics, excise and international treaties" with renowned lecturers,
  • ervices of experts and specialists in the field of customs issues, intra-community trade (the EU) and the excise taxes.


If you need:

  • advice, assistance, or consultation please contact us,
  • effectively set your customs, and logistics system to contact us
  • solve a specific problem that you created in relation to customs authorities, we are here for you
  • find a lasting solution to your problem in the application of customs legislation, customs procedures, or procedural practices, so we know how,
  • get permission to use some of the economic arrangements, and simplified the procedure, do not worry with what can be managed by experts
  • obtain a certificate of authorized economic operator, we know how to do it, let us trust, speak for us already completed projects,
  • retrain or train your staff through customs, logistics, and traders have the right address, just choose from our "Courses, training". Hands are hundreds of logistics workers, customs declarations, purchase or sale of all types of transport operators, whether obchdníkov who obtained and applied in practice the necessary knowledge and skills in our program, vocational training of adults, we offer the market unrivaled,
  • obtained from the analysis and, optionally, be prepared for a business meeting with a foreign partner, we can prepare for you an adequate and good quality materials, which will simplify and speed the process of trade negotiations, and facilitate closer to reaching an agreement and obtaining the contract, be prepared and reach professionals,
  • services, which are satisfied multinational companies, famous brands and the largest carriers and operators in the market, your decision will save you time, money and avoid any possible problems.