Application and registers the European Union:

Law of the European Union (EUR-LEX)
Validation VAT number (VIES)
The system for allocation quoras (QUOTA)
Binding tariff information (BTI)
Customs authorities in transit
Export control MRN
Aithorised economic operator


European Union institutions:

European Union
European Commision
European Commision Representation in Slovakia
Information on the European Union
European Union institutions


Slovak applications and registers:

Elektronic Collection of Laws
Commercial register
Trade register

Origin of goods 


Some departments in the Slovak Republic:

Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Trnasoprt, Posts and Telecommunications
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Justice


Organizations and institutions in Slovakia:

Customs Administration
Customs officers associations
State goverment
Tax Directorate
State Veterinary Administration
State Institute for Drug Control
Public Health Office
Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing
Statistical Office
Economic and legal information
Central Public Administration Portal
National Security Authority
Slovak Chamber of Commerce 


International organizations, federations, associations: 

World Customs Organization
World Trade Organization
International Union od carriers (IRU)
International Chamber of Commerce
International Maritime Organization
Union workers in the financial sector


Customs administrations in the world:

North, Central and South America
Far East, Southeast Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands
North Africa, Middle East
East, South Africa
Western, Central Africa