From 1st January 2011 obliged registration in the wholesale, retail trade in the EAN codes

20/02/2011 19:52

Change in the Act no. 105/2004 Z.z. the excise duty on alcohol and amending Act no. 467/2002 Z.z. the manufacture and marketing of alcohol on the market as amended by Act. 211/2003 Z.z. as amended (hereinafter "Act No. 105/2004 Z.z.)

1. Compulsory registration of alcohol distributor of consumer packaging for wholesale distribution from 1 January 2011
The entrepreneur who is dealing with consumer packaged alcohol (hereinafter "CPA"), conducts its wholesale sales must be after 31 December 2010 authorization for distribution. License holder for the distribution law imposes reporting and recording obligations. CPA purchase, this can only entrepreneur to another holder authorized for distribution.
The entrepreneur who traded with the CPA and the place of retail sale, had in 2010 must be in possession for sale CPA. This obligation continues even after 31st December 2010, with CPA purchase, can the entrepreneur as the license holder for distribution.

2. Record keeping under SBL SBL barcodes in retail sales
The change also applies to record keeping CPA, which must also be under the barcode EAN. CPA market approval issued by the customs authorities before 1st January 2011 remains in force. The holder of the "old" license to sell CPA has a duty of 31st December 2010 an inventory stock CPA and no later than 25 January 2011 to notify the office found stocks of CPA at the statutory distinction.