From 1st February increased excise tax on cigarettes and tobacco, from 1 March the new designation of the consumer packaging of cigarettes

20/02/2011 19:57


1. SPD increase on tobacco products
From 1st February 2011 to again increase the excise tax on tobacco products. Under the new tobacco excise tax of 


min. 85,00 EUR / 1000 pcs; 0,09 EUR / 1 pcs


72,86 EUR / 1000 pcs


66,96 EUR / 1 kg


2. Change in consumer packaging of cigarettes (the CPC)
CPC, which is marketed after 31st January 2011, must bear a stamp, which will be referred to the character - the capital letter "C" indicating the validity of the new excise tax on cigarettes.
CPC indicated with a mark of which will be the emblem - the capital letter "B" indicating the rate of excise duty on cigarettes valid to 31st January 2011 can be sold, offered for sale or stored by 31st March 2011.
Changes will affect the taxpayers registered for excise duty on tobacco products who will be obliged to notify the customs office monthly quantities of cigarettes into tax free circulation in the tax, not later than 25 on the next calendar month.